Monday, March 02, 2009

Fun Links

Would you wear an entire outfit made of duct tape to your prom? Or your wedding?

The 15 Strangest College Courses In America. Sign me up to audit Far Side Entomology!

The 7 Biggest Things Ever Stolen. Not one of these items could fit under your jacket.

I had almost forgotten about this guy! The best name ever for a gynecologist.

It's a serious news story, but where did the doctor get her name? (via b3ta)

Here's a question that will make you feel old: What were arcades like? Oh yeah, I recall the day the student center at the college in my hometown got a strange new machine called "Pong." And my first radio job in a town where I lived in an apartment over an arcade, where my boyfriend and I would challenge the local teens to a game of Galaga, ABM, Q-Bert, Joust or Centipede.

The Top Ten Golddiggers of All Time.

Rabbits are shy and gentle animals, but there are always exceptions. This one won't take a backseat to anyone!

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