Friday, March 06, 2009

Fun Friday Links

The classic Psycho Girlfriend. Making men into defensive wrecks since time began.

How many camels can you fit in a Subaru? At least two, since it's been done!

They Paid You For That? 7 Pointless and Crazy Science Experiments.

The Pennywell Farm Piglets are some of the tiniest pigs in the world. They're so adorable, you might give up bacon! But probably not.

Old Man Stewart Shakes his Fist at Twitter. And some other social networking outlets that don't exist, and shouldn't. (via Lifehacker)

Is Google Making Us Dumber? This site posts screenshots of Google search suggestions. They can be pretty strange!

7 Insane Military Attempts To Weaponize Animals. Military brainstorming has yielded some mighty weird and unworkable (not to mention inhumane) ideas over the years.

Touch The Bubbles is harder than it looks. Recreate a simple melody by touching the musical bubbles.

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