Thursday, November 27, 2008

Counting My Blessings

Now that the turkey is in the oven, I have time to count my blessings. Oh, this is not the first time, but I'm just now jotting them down to share. 2008 has been a wonderful year.

Miss Cellania is doing well for a small blog. After three years of posting on one topic a day with many links, I switched to a format more in line with other link blogs. As you can see from the graphic, that paid off immediately! Thanks to the several bloggers who advised me to do it (if I tried to name them, I'd forget someone, but Alex gave me the final push). Many thanks to you and everyone who visits, contributes, reads in RSS, links to the site, Diggs, Stumbles, and comments. Special thanks to everyone who clicked on an ad for me!

My greatest blessings are my children. Princess and Gothgrrl are growing up so fast, and I am proud of them. Their grades are only slightly better this year, but I am very happy that they are starting to see how putting some effort into their work pays off. At this point, they are doing their homework (and on time), reading their material before the last minute, and actually studying for tests! And they are progressing in more than just schoolwork.

Last night we had a bit of a party here. When I went to bed, I told them I didn't care how long they stayed up as long as they were out of bed by noon today. This morning, I found they had cleaned the house! Even my desk is tidied up (and now I can't find anything)! It's great to start a busy day like this with a smile.

I bought a new house this year. It's the kind of house I had always dreamed of. Yes, it has its problems, and moving was a pain, yet it is still the nicest home I've ever lived in. This is a gift I will always treasure.

I was worried about what would happen to the old house. The real estate market is the pits. Every other house in my little town has a for sale sign in front. Friends suggested I rent it out, but I was leery -I'd heard too many horror stories. But without any effort on my part, a reliable tenant landed in my lap, so what was a worry has turned out to be another source of income.

Just this week, I was approached by another website for a paid blogging job. I'm not going to say what site it is just now because I haven't posted anything yet. It seems like another blessing out of nowhere.

I finally had a presidential election night that made me smile.

Last but certainly not least, I met a guy. I could write volumes about him, but that would be both invasive and premature. Let's just say I'm happy about it.

Praise be to God for the charmed life I'm living!

Happy Thanksgiving, y'all.

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