Thursday, December 27, 2007

Year End Polls and Lists

I have my annual post of year-end lists up at Miss Cellania today, with a selection ranging from serious news to science to stupid quotes to bizarre lists you’d never think of on your own.

Over at YesButNoButYes, we are conducting polls to see what YOU think should be on those year-end lists. You can vote for your favorite viral videos, your favorite TV shows, and your favorite comic books. In the next day or so, there should be more polls up for sports and movies. There's also a poll for the "WTF Moment of 2007," which is being done in tournament-style brackets. So you can vote here and here and here (bracket four should go up soon), and the winners of each will advance to the next round. Or make it easy on your self by just visiting the site.

Also check out 10 Year-End Lists for Knowledge Junkies at mental_floss.

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