Thursday, December 13, 2007

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What's it like to work an Ebola outbreak? Aetiology has an interview with both a doctor and a water and sanitation expert with Médecins Sans Frontières in Uganda.

The 10 Key Actions That Finally Got Me Out of Debt; or, Why Living Frugally is Only Part of the Solution. If a guy with six kids can turn his finances around, so can you!

Why you shouldn’t give out your Social Security number anytime someone asks for it. And a tale of how hard it can be to refuse.

The Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End DVD will have a “making of” segment on the “maelstrom” special effects for the final battle. Wired has a preview of how they created it.

I had always heard that you should never buy a home that costs more than two years of your salary. Here’s an example of the kind of mortgage that should never have been given.

Two Forks, One Cup. It took me a an hour of reading comments to figure this out.

You are Self-Employed, even if you work for a company. If you think of your boss as a client who uses your services, you can manage your career better.

Why did the salmon cross the road? To get to their spawning grounds during the flood season in Washington, of course! Watch them do it.

Sometimes you have to haggle to get the deal you are offered.

The Five Most Disturbing Public Service Announcements of All Time.

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