Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Informative Links

The plight of toothless Kentuckians made the New York Times. I’ve had dental insurance about two years in my whole life, through a job in Tennessee. But I have all my teeth!

Dave Munger at Cognitive Daily ran a little experiment to see how people reacted to the terms “stay at home father” (or mother) versus just plain father and mother. The results are discouraging.

Thomas Edison’s Top 5 Tips for Success. Great concepts of how to live your life, distilled into a quotes with a short explanation for each.

A modern-day Good Samaritan.

How wonderful that Santa left you a new computer for Christmas! Lifehacker has plenty of links to help you set it up properly.

Kids tipped over a portable toilet in a park while Pedro Toala was inside, leaving him permanently paralyzed. In response, area small businesses banded together to remodel Toala’s split-level home into an accessible dream house. See a slideshow of the finished project.

What Norway is like. To learn about it in video form, see this.

How to perform head tracking and create desktop virtual-reality displays using the Nintendo Wii. Watch the video and it will all make sense.

Which Do You Prefer? One Cat? Or A Thousand Rats?

How to prevent lost luggage. Useful tips from a former airline baggage agent.

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