Thursday, December 06, 2007

Fun Links

Here Comes Another Bubble, a new video from The Richter Scales on the inflated value of Web 2.0. Its catchy, clever, and possibly a spot-on prediction for the internet.

Put a little twist in your Christmas music with remixes and mashups at Santastic III. It will take me a while to listen to all of the songs, but being an oldie myself, I’m partial to Yuletide Zeppelin. Previous year’s music available here and here.

The Legend of the Christmas Pickle. (via J-Walk Blog)

You owe me a cat!

The 12 Greatest Video Game Toilets of All Time. (Thanks, Bill!)

The 20 Ugliest College Campuses in the USA. It’s a followup to the 20 Most Beautiful Colleges.

A Guide to Evel Knievel’s Injuries.

Mass Attack! Use weights to balance the scales. Sounds really simple, but its not. This is an addictive game! (via GeekAlerts)

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Chris said...

The Evil stuff was pretty funny and Zepplin was a riot too.

Now, Babe....I'm gonna leave you.