Friday, August 24, 2007

Around the Blogosphere

Congratulations to Anita Bath of Say No to Crack on the birth of her son last week!

Saskboy was taking some digital video footage when the blackout hit at Taylor Field in Regina a few days ago. His footage turned out to be very much coveted by news outlets.

This caption contest at Wulfweard the White made me laugh out loud!

Penny got bit on the butt by a brown recluse spider!

Razen is getting the runaround from Circuit City.

Jon Swift takes on film critic John Podhoretz. Podhoretz' response? “You’re a dope.”

How to repair your glasses to make them last forever.

Defective Yeti is posting a continuing update on what jury duty is like.


Raggedy has had some setbacks in her recovery, but plans to return to blogging next week (we hope).

Former Frontier Editor’s father is battling quite a few health problems.

Lisa B has been sick and coughing so much that her eye started bleeding.

Saur is having back troubles.

Chris' father is recovering from a heart attack.

I still haven’t caught up on my blog reading. If you know any other prayer concerns to share, please leave a comment.


HolyJuan said...

That guys with the glasses is a complete HOTTIE!

Anonymous said...

The glasses were cool.

My cell doesn't do videos, it was a still digital camera with video clip feature.

Miss Cellania said...

Sorry, Saskboy! I corrected that.