Thursday, March 08, 2007

Vagina Links 3/8

The explanation for the title of today’s post can be found at Abandoned Stuff.

Bloggasm published an interview with Saskboy, who said some nice things about Yours Truly.

How to make healthy, air-popped pocorn into something worth eating. (via Cynical-C)

Art or lunch? Mental Floss has a look at folks who are really really good at playing with their food.

Time Lapse Videos. Watch things rot in a hurry!

Make’s Mark Frauenfelder on Stephen Colbert. Don’t you wish you had a life like either of these guys?

I enjoy dj lobsterdust’s mashups, but most include artists I am unfamiliar with. Not so this one! Its a mashup for us Baby Boomers, mixing the 60s with the 80s. Glass Octopus.

Daylight Savings Time explained.

Chinese adoptee’s bat mitzvah. “Most of my Chinese friends are Jewish.”

Mental Floss takes a look at Anne Coulter.

What is Billy Cottrell? A genius, a disabled person, or a criminal -or all three? He may be on his way to becoming a martyr.

Well, here’s a mess. Immigration authorites raided a factory and detained 327 illegal immigrants. 100 of their children were standed at daycares and such. The factory was making backpacks for the US Military. Autorities allege they hired illegals to keep up their low-bid defense contracts.

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