Monday, March 19, 2007

Recommended 3/19

Joan Conde of Mamacita was a guest on Single Talk from World Talk Radio, talking about her funny site Weird Dating Mail. Go here to listen or download.

Name of the Year tournament.

A baby elephant is born, on camera.

Granny is a videogame addict. Audio NSFW.

Nine Bad Boys of Philosophy.

Why men’s letters are never published in Dear Abby.

Rant: Middle Aged Women complaining about sex!

An amazing Rube Goldberg contraption that takes advantage of slinkies, magnets, candles, waterwheels, slingshots, and all the other things you want to see in such a video.

Geek summer movie roundup.

Excuse me! My hands are full and I’ve dropped my keys down in my bra. Can you help? Guess how many offered to hold her bags for her. So to speak.

BeatBox de la Nouvelle Star. How does he DO that?

Pretty good Hillary impersonation.

The trend of women opting out of the workforce is a myth. I knew that. I left the workforce, but it wasn’t exactly an option.

The Democracy Protection Act -- Executive Summary.

At Miss Cellania, don't miss the post on Classical Music.

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