Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Hot Links

Some of your favorite musicians in their early days, going back 50 years.

Pictures from Alaska’s Ice Festival.

I’m sure you have always wondered what the Useless Men looked like naked. I’m sorry to say that we have found out about at least one.

Where the Single Men and Women Are.

A baby duck feeds the big fish.

This is what your dog is really thinking. (Thanks, Linda!)

Some amazing jump rope performers.

This will improve your sex life. If you are desperate enough.

Baby Teeth Carving. (via Arbroath)

A Beginner’s Guide to Towel Ironing.

How a Roomba will affect your life.

Take the quiz: Spock or Not? (via Cynical-C)

The best of the best Lego Star Wars animations.

Several celebrities have been banned for life from Saturday Night Live. See why!

Heaps of Peeps!

Sherman Austin and the Patriot Act.

Ten Reasons Why I Like Obama. Yeah, I’ll pass this along even though I’m backing Hillary as of now. I don’t dislike Obama!

Terrorized by the War on Terror.

More indicators point to war with Iran.

Email exchange between an Army Recruiter and a gay potential recruit.

AntiWar videos: Flashback time!

At Miss Cellania, check out posts on Death and Men.

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