Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Good Links 3/13

Where Are They Now -Requested Porn Stars. After last week’s post, I got tons of “What about so-and-so?” comments, so I looked up a dozen more.

Modern Marriage Proposals of the awesome kind.

My Slump. (via Everlasting Blort)

Maukie. (via Neatorama)

What’s your Leprechaun name? (via the Generator Blog)

100 Naked Men Can Stay on Beach. (via Theater of the Absurd)

Jyrki Kasvi is a Finnish Parliament member, representing the Green League party. His website is available in several languages, including Klingon.

Lazer Cats!

The New York Surveillance Camera Players.

Twirl A Squirrel!

Drum Simulator. Move the center dot toward the various intruments. (via Dump Trumpet)

Cassidy Lynn is a second-grader who is trying to buy goats for families in Sudan. You can help by buying one of her individually-designed cat toys.

Unfortunate name of the day. At least he’s rich. (via Ultimate Stupidity)

At Miss Cellania, enjoy posts about Physics and Seafood.

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