Friday, March 30, 2007

New Links

Michael Jackson wants to erect a huge robot of himself that would wander the desert near Las Vegas. Really. How would YOU design this robot?

The next wave of alarm clocks for heavy sleepers.

Unfortunate sawmill accident involving genitals. Wonderfully written story about it and a picture, too.

Dead Fairy found. (via the Presurfer)

The Empire Strikes Back to the Future. Its my favorite from the b3ta image challenge to combine movies.

The Craigslist Personal Ad Translator.

Cartoon time! BillGates vs. Steve Jobs.

What is that Mysterious Ticking Noise?

Is your co-worker crazy? (via Grow-A-Brain)

Five-year-old Young-Jin Kim fell nine floors from the balcony of his apartment in Hamilton, Ontario and survived!

Bad sex education. (NSFW)

The first sentence of this obituary makes you sit up and notice. (via Dustbury)

Classical Composers+funny musicians=this video collection.

Circuit City is going to fire 3,400 workers because they make too much money. They can apply to get their jobs back, but at lower wages. This is the kind of thing that started unions in the first place. Will it again? Or is this a slippery slide into slavery?

At Miss Cellania, you might enjoy posts on Lies and Beer.

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