Saturday, September 03, 2005

Update from Louisiana

The news is that several dozen evacuees are on their way to my tiny town to stay for a few months. I hear the same story in places all over the country. This will be our chance to show some real hospitality, and fulfill people's need to do something. Many communities helping just a few people at a time will make things so much better all around.

The latest update from Dawn in Lafayette:

I just had to tell you...I was so an very impressed with the organization of the Cajundome shelter when I was there the other day. I wished someone would tell the world that the Superdome madness was not typical of these evacuees or how tough situation like this is handled. Well...I got my wish! Today First Lady Laura Bush came to Lafayette Check it out. I have never been a fan of President Bush…but Laura Bush has always seemed to me the quintessential First Lady. All style and class…so to me a compliment from her is EVERYTHING. Wooo HOOO…way to go Lafayette) and specifically stopped in at the Cajundome to meet people and check out the situation. She then talked with reporters and said what wanted someone to say. I felt so proud hearing her say she had not expected to find a shelter running so smoothly, and a place taking such good care of their displaced neighbors. Days after people have come to stay with us here in Lafayette...they admit (as do we) it is not the most ideal situation but that it is certainly a comfort until they are able to relocate.

The evacuee kids start school here on Wednesday. Which I believe they are all looking forward to doing. Lots of the local businesses are looking for ways to give these people jobs to keep them going. Today the company I work for cooked 800 burgers and 400 hot dogs to feed the evacuees at the two hotels located near our office building. We also ended up having enough to feed everyone in one of the local church shelters. It was a great way to spend the day. If you don’t know…Cajuns, especially Oilfield Cajuns know how to have a cook-out. We got to meet some great people some of whom were headed back to their homes today in the lesser hit areas to see what they had left. One guy and his family had been searching for his parents and other family members for days and while we sat there chatting with them he got the call that they had found shelter right her in Lafayette AND that the shelter was right around the corner! It was great to see these people smile with some good news.

By the way…I think I told you we had a cousin and his family missing since the day of the hurricane. He and his family decided to wait it out at their home in Ocean Springs, Ms. Last time we heard from them they were in the attic of their house waiting for rescue (that was on Monday). We received word that they were rescued from their roof Thursday and that they were all just fine.

Another article on how the "intelligence" was ignored.

Check back with Miss Cellania regularly! By tomorrow, I hope to have something amusing for you!

Thought for today: All of us could take a lesson from the weather. It pays no attention to criticism.


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