Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

Voyager 2 Spacecraft Approaches Interstellar Space. It's 11 billion miles from Earth, and still sending back data. (via reddit)

Portrait of a Campaign. How first-time candidates are working for this election, and how you can help.

This is the strangest obituary you will ever read. (via Digg)

This Guy's Mom Accidentally Turned Him Into A Hilarious Meme By Trying To "Defend" Him Against "Radical Feminists." 

Supreme Court Makes It Harder for Tribal North Dakotans to Vote. “The State has acknowledged that Native American communities often lack residential street addresses,” [federal district court judge] Judge Daniel Hovland wrote. “Nevertheless, under current State law an individual who does not have a ‘current residential street address’ will never be qualified to vote.”

The Story of Our Search for Bigfoot. It's a Sasquatch timeline at Popular Mechanics.

This Is How One Teacher Is Teaching Consent. She's teaching third graders, but it can start even earlier. 

The Cosplay of New York Comic Con 2018.

AP Investigation: Deported parents may lose kids to adoption. This is kidnapping, plain and simple, and it is America doing it.

A blast from the past (2014): 7 Great Places with Horrifying Names.

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gwdMaine said...

Every time I read a "non-standard" obituary I think
that's the one I want. Pretty sure most of the family
wouldn't approve though. Too set in their ways.

Mr. Stein, I salute you.

Juan Morefore DeRoad indeed.