Friday, July 13, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

A Man Grew the World's Longest Fingernails Out of Spite. After 66 years, Shridhar Chillal finally got his 30 feet of nails cut.

NASA-Designed Heat Shields Could Save Firefighters' Lives. Teams are carrying 40 prototypes as they battle wildfires in the American West.

The Most Important Video Game on the Planet. Fortnite is so popular that its culture is spilling out into the real world.

The Futuristic Skyscrapers of 1923 Were Supposed to Solve Traffic Problems. Like many people, those architects assumed we would soon have flying cars.

Want to Become an Astronaut? There's an app for that.

A Mysterious Black Granite Sarcophagus has Been Discovered in Alexandria. Sealed for 2000 years, it apparently holds someone important -or at least wealthy.

Links are a little short today, because my computer doesn't want to work, and my backup computer doesn't have any of the notes I took yesterday. 


xoxoxoBruce said...

Of course your computer doesn't work, it's Friday the 13th. It'll be fine, like you, tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

So over on Neatorama I read that Alex has Tom Cruise and
Brendan Fraser ready for when they open that Sarcophagus.
I'm gonna alert Geraldo Rivera - who better to cover that?

All we need now is a female lead - no - not Rachel Weisz.
How bout it Miss C? Make for a great blog. . (if you live).

Happy Friday!

gwdMaine said...

Only your blog gives me fits when I post (it's why my
sentences are so short). Today reCAPTCHA had it out
for me. Friday the 13th indeed.

hearsetrax said...

ReCAPTCHAs are a pain
but sometimes a required evil in this modern age

Hope everyone has had a wee bit of good fortune this day