Thursday, July 07, 2016

Miss Cellania's Links

How to Build an Outdoor Fire. Be ready when the opportunity arises!

Military Mascots From Around The World. All kinds of animals have supported units and found fame.

See a 3D printed ‘wheel-of-light’ zoetrope that walks and dances. Everyone will want one for Christmas this year.

Tylenol may be hijacking our emotions in a pretty disturbing way. It might help the pain of heartbreak, but could also dampen joy and damage your liver.   

The Man Who Created Bigfoot. Bob Gimlin was there when that film was shot in 1967.

The Story Of The Contentious Big Trouble In Little China Screenplay.

Who Are All These Trump Supporters? George Saunders talks to people about their unexpectedly complex political views.

The Harpe Brothers: America’s Original Serial Killers. (via Digg)

13 Out-of-This World Facts About Mork & Mindy

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