Friday, May 19, 2023

Miss Cellania's Links

Testing America's Largest Pickup Truck on City Streets.

They Really Died Up There: 5 Comedians Who Lost Their Lives on Stage. They had one thing in common: when it happened, no one knew whether it was real or just a part of their act.

Your Ticket Aboard the World’s First Cruise Ship.

The Growing Diversity of Baby Names. We get the same #1s, but they go to fewer babies.

17 Labor And Delivery Nurses Shared Stories About The Most Horrific Husbands They've Had To Deal With. 

The Sex-Cult Rocket Man. Then you'll want to read a more detailed account at Wikipedia. (via Damn Interesting)  

Trisha Yearwood is Selling Her Gorgeous Tennessee Home.

Disney's Star Wars: Galactic Starcruiser Is Closing. The final "experience" will begin on September 28.

The 1764 Woldegk Tornado: The Strongest in History. It ripped up mighty oaks and unearthed a buried skeleton, but prayer saved the village.


Anonymous said...

Horrific Husbands was a real squirmier. I like the Donut guys, but they never ask the owners of some of these cars why they hate the environment.

gwdMaine said...

Hmm.. Wondering if I'm the only one seeing an uncanny resemblance between Marvel Whiteside Parsons and Marvel Comics' Dr. Strange and Iron Man?

Happy Friday Miss C!

Miss Cellania said...

Happy Friday, gwdMaine!

Anonymous said...

Happy Friday, Kit Duncan!

Unknown said...

It now appears Jack Parsons was a Soviet spy