Thursday, May 26, 2022

Lexie the Driving Dog

Vireya showed me that maybe it's not so weird to blame the drunk driving on the dog. Meet Lexie, who drives a ute on an Australian sheep farm. Lexie is Jack Russell terrier who tried rounding up sheep, but had a mishap with a large ewe and was injured. Her owner Cam Zschesh said, "Now's the time I could, ya know, teach the dog to drive." So she learned to drive the ute (utility vehicle). Lexie is better protected, and still pulls her weight on the farm by driving while Cam distributes hay. Not that she weighs much at all. 

Now, Lexie is too small to reach the pedals, so Cam puts the ute in low gear to get Lexie started. She merely steers, but she's pretty good at it. If she sees sheep, she'll steer toward them because despite her experience, she loves sheep. The smart little dog is proud of her contributions to the family business. Read Lexie's story at ABC. (Thanks, Vireya!)

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