Friday, December 03, 2021

100 Cats in an IKEA Store

About ten years ago, IKEA shot an ad in which they released 100 mostly white cats in a store. The campaign was called Happy Inside, and it was cute as can be. First you go "aww," then you wonder how in the world they rounded up all those cats when the shoot was over. You also have to wonder how long it took for the cats to calm down enough to get those crucial "laying in bed" shots. Here's the behind-the-scenes video.

Appropriately, the making-of video is titled Herding Cats. Notice they blocked off the exits to keep the cats out of the areas that weren't to be filmed. I'm sure it took dozens of cat owners and the animal handler crew some time to locate them all.  

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lolarusa said...

I think cats are cute, but since I have a cat allergy, these "cats everywhere" films and memes have the opposite of their intended affect on me. That movie with cats everywhere you go in Istanbul made me itch just watching the preview.