Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Weird Al Narrates Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a family holiday where tradition rules. The same things happen every year: the same recipes, the same guests, and the same family rituals. It's rather comforting, but also so predictable as to be ripe for parody. The Holderness Family brings us a medley of six songs about the Thanksgiving feast, featuring Penn Holderness channeling a 1980s-era Weird Al Yankovic. Kim displays more patience than most people while preparing a big dinner with a backseat driver giving musical advice. I predict that for the rest of the day, green bean casserole will be stuck in your head.


MarkOfIowa said...

Love it! Weird Al is My Homeboy! He did a great job.

Anonymous said...

on the 8th day GOD created 'Weird AL'