Monday, November 29, 2021

Infamous Width Restrictor Eats Cars

In the town of Watford, UK, city managers decided they didn't want large trucks passing through the downtown area, so they installed width restrictors. This is a set of bollards that are only seven feet wide (2.1 meters), and if your vehicle is wider, it cannot pass through. The bollards are 29 inches high, so the side mirrors on most passenger cars can pass above them. But one particular width restrictor, on Woodmere Avenue, is notorious for the number of cars, even rather small cars, that crash into the bollards.

While the drivers appear to be not paying attention, this is far from the only restrictor in the UK, and not even the only one in Watford. This image shows a design flaw in that the curb acts as a ramp on the left side that leads right to the first bollard. (via Jalopnik)

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Mathman54 said...

I wonder who lives at that address and gets to hear that day and night.