Monday, October 04, 2021

Ghostbusters 2021: Behold a State-of-the-Art Halloween Light Display

This house in southern California has been turned into a cinematic experience for Halloween! Enjoy Ghostbusters all over again, with familiar characters, multiple settings, special effects, and the theme song sung by jack-o-lanterns.  

Projection holiday decorations mean that you don't have to risk your neck hanging strings of lights, but getting it to look this good requires some serious programming. The YouTube account is called Seasoned Projections, so I assumed it was a company that you could hire to do this. But no, from the comments it seems like the guy who did it is a projection enthusiast who produced this light show on his own home. He directs people to a Facebook group called Holiday Projection Mapping to learn more about doing this kind of thing yourself. (via reddit

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