Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Star Wars Reimagined: Return of the Jedi

Auralnauts has completed their project to bring us the Star Wars original trilogy retrofitted with all the stuff we've learned in the 40 years since then. There are old deceptions revealed, new Force powers, and for some reason, dinosaurs.   

The third and final installment of the Reimagined series, where we take narrative developments from newer Star Wars media and forcefully jam it back into the original trilogy. World building isn't easy, and we love Star Wars, but it's still funny to imagine how awkward things could have been between Vader and Palpatine after Luke arrived on the scene.

The first installment was posted almost two years ago, but you may have missed The Empire Strikes Back Reimagined only six months ago, so here it is.

Auralnauts, who have given us plenty of Star Wars humor over the years, is apparently working on "fixing" the latest trilogy, too.

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