Monday, March 29, 2021

Tweet of the Day

(via Everlasting Blort)


Bruce said...

Well that just made me feel old.

MarkOfIowa said...

That was very good! It was crazy how much that brought back the feels...

Happy Monday, Miss C! Hope it's a good week!

Miss Cellania said...

Thank you, Mark!

Bicycle Bill said...
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Bicycle Bill said...

Actually, that covered something like 35-40 years.  Viewmasters date back to 1939; Charles Chips were founded in the 1940s, along with Fudgsicles, Tupperware, and the Lilt home perm process. But some of the others, like the Spirograph and the Lite Brite, didn't come along until the 1960s, while the mood ring was a artifact from the mid '70s, along with the Polaroid 1000 instant camera, magazines like Tiger Beat, and teen-throbs like Donny Osmond and David Cassidy. The other items just sorta fall into the cracks in there somewhere as well.

And yes — between my parents (who introduced us to Viewmaster as well as my mother's extensive collection of Tupperware, including the home-made popsicle molds depicted in the video), my sister, and I — my family ended up owning at least one example of just about each and every one of these items at some time in our lives.

So although I can understand your familiarity with all of them, we your dear readers don't really know anything more about how old you are now than we did before!!!


gwdMaine said...

I just finished my lunch - out of a 1970s
lemon yellow Tupperware container, the
popsicle makers are in cabinet somewhere,
and my OEM Viewmaster with Daniel Boone,
Lassie, and a bunch of other stuff
still works fine.