Wednesday, March 03, 2021

32 Forgotten TV Theme Intros of the 50s

Many shows in the 1950s were totally forgotten because they weren't filmed- they were either live or recorded on kinetoscope, which doesn't survive well. Also, the advertising (sponsorship) was so integrated into the entertainment that there was no point in trying to re-sell them, even if that had occurred to the producers. So these shows never got the benefit of reruns or syndication, and all that survives is some of their filmed intros. If you have more time, there are more of these. (via Boing Boing)

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newton said...

All these shows were slightly before my time. Nevertheless I've heard of Playhouse 90--it was the starting point for many great writers and actors and many of its stories were later turned into classic movies--television at its best.

About the third show mentioned: Circus Boy, starred a small boy named Micky Dolenz (listed as Micky Braddock at the time), who later became one of The Monkeys.