Sunday, January 10, 2021

Weeping in The Promised Land

John Fogerty dropped a new song Wednesday, just as rioters gathered in Washington, ready to invade the Capitol building. “Weeping in the Promised Land” addresses Donald Trump and the events of the past few years without naming names, but perfectly captures the enormous sorrow those events leave in their wake. Here are the lyrics.

Water in the well been poisoned with lies
Weeping in the promised land
Satan’s dark angels are falling from the sky
Weeping in the promised land
Children of God, he turns into stone
The sick and the weak, he dances on their bones
Pharoah shouting down the medicine man
Weeping in the promised land

Fork-tongued pharaoh, behold he comes to seek
Weeping in the promised land
Hissing and spewing, it’s power that he seeks
Weeping in the promised land
With dread in their eyes, all the nurses are crying
Everywhere sorrow, everywhere dying
Pharoah keeps preaching but he never had a plan
Weeping in the promised land
Weeping in the promised land

Pharoah’s army knocking on the door
Weeping in the promised land
Shoot you in your bed just like they done before
Weeping in the promised land
Out in the street, on your neck with a knee
All the people are crying your last words
“I can’t breathe”
And the white judge say “there’s been no crime here today”
Weeping in the promised land
Weeping in the promised land

(via Nag on the Lake)


xoxoxoBruce said...

The CC lyrics on the youtube video are way different from the printed lyrics shown. The printed lyrics are correct. This bums me out because I use CC a lot although not usually for lyrics.

Anonymous said...

Nice track, thanks for sharing.

Undoubtedly it will fall on the same tone-deaf ears of those who didn't find anything ironic about playing "Fortunate Son" at one of his rallies.

WilliamRocket said...

Through many years of construction, a few years in a band and a 20 minute road rage incident (not by me, by them) I have a hearing problem.
What ?
So them CC closed captions are a boon when I am watching say Netflix.
But I am a little hard of hearing, not totally deaf, ... I can hear you plain as day as long as you speak normal and don't mumble, but let's sit down in a busy cafe and you might as well use flags dipped in Houses of Parliament sauce (try it, its good)... so I don't need to read that the car door slammed, I can see and hear that, I just need the things the people are saying to be put into words, I can read as fast as anyone can talk ... so I guess I want a 'lite' closed caption option, much as I hate the use of the word lite rather than light.
And if the guy in the sky gives me that, maybe he can make sure that when some French movie I am watching has the word metre in it, the guy doing the captions doesn't convert it to yards.

I felt bad after I posted a comment on here about assassination v. murder, thought maybe I had gone too far, but now I read that the terrorists that invaded the (very scantily !!!) protected Capitol building had intent to behead and murder people I no longer feel I was being over antagonistic.
I hope you agree.

My thoughts on why the Capitol building was so poorly protected when the powers that be knew a evil force was likely to attack shall remain unspoken at this time.

But I do hope your country heals itself soon.