Tuesday, January 05, 2021

In Ictu Oculi

Greta Alfaro did an art project in which she set up a complete Thanksgiving table out in the wide open spaces. Nothing happens for the first minute and fifteen seconds, but them everyone and their brother shows up. By the time it was over, the whole thing reminded me of a feast or two at my house, where unexpected relatives show up, eat like they've never seen food before, and then leave as soon as it's all gone. The title means "In the blink an eye." (via a comment at Metafilter)


Debra She Who Seeks said...

The hungry hordes descend, LOL!

Anonymous said...

Looks like some sort of European species of vulture. Can anyone identify?

WilliamRocket said...

Yes, Anonymous, I can.

That's my uncle John, his wife Annette, over by the desserts, then there is my cousin Nancy, hadn't seen her for a couple of years, hasn't seemed to age much ...there is Old Michael, not sure he's family but he is at every family event.
That one third from the left is Aunt Beatrice, tell HER no secrets, also her husband died last year and we all wonder about the new style of dresses she's been wearing.
You can see the Thompsons, they are third cousins on mum's side, best I can make out, Mr. Thompson still has his hat on, lol.
My three sisters of course, each with their husband, husband, boyfriend.
You don't see dad's brother Vince, because he is holding the camera, but his wife, 26 years younger and looking, I have to say, like an unsuccessful gold-digger, is the one with the red, red dress on, and when I say on ... well, nearly on.
The nephews, Jack and Little John are there, behind the table, probably up to mischief , and there's my sister-in-law Nina, already half cut, but that's nothing new.

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