Sunday, March 29, 2020

What Kind of Puzzle is This?

Are these genome sequences? Paint swatches? Part of the fun is figuring out what this puzzle is in the first place -and then figuring out the answers in the second place. Give it a try on your own. While many will know what's going on right off, I must confess I was clueless when I first scanned this, until I saw the last one. Then it all became clear.

When you have exhausted all possibilities by guess, you can go here and click on the spoiler bars to get answers. If you still haven't figured out what the puzzle is about, just click on one of them to get started.

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Bicycle Bill said...

I figured it out for myself, so PARTIAL SPOILER — the colors are significant, as are the order in which they appear (which is why the same color can appear more than once in each column).


Fester said...

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A bit of lockdown fun!
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Miss Cellania said...

Not everything can be an attempt at humor.