Sunday, March 22, 2020

The Luke and Leia Scene Cut From The Empire Strikes Back

No matter what George Lucas says, we all know he was making it up as he went along. He really wasn't prepared for there to ever be a second movie, much less a trilogy. But it turned out rather well. The first trilogy had an excuse for making it up as they went along. The prequels were well-planned but relatively boring. And the latest trilogy suffered immensely from bad planning. Still, I can handle that and enjoy all of them for what they are. 


Bicycle Bill said...

Maybe George was making it up as he went along but since Luke did not learn Leia was his sister until the events in "Return of the Jedi", until that point he was just one more horny teenager and she was just another hot chick.  And Leia also was unaware of her relationship to Luke, so to her he was just the conquering hero/hunk du jour.

If anything else had gone on, well, then I guess it would have technically been incest; but if neither party knows that they are related to each other, it only becomes squicky AFTER the fact.


gwdMaine said...

That was a good cut. I think Lucas had that part figured out
as it fits with the storytelling of the 50/60s. He was
smart enough back then (with no real pressure) to plan
for it. Empire succeeded because Lawrence Kasdan knew
how to interpret what Lucas wanted and where he was going.
All downhill after that.