Thursday, March 26, 2020

Miss Cellania's Links

If you've wanted to check out the Winchester Mystery House, but haven't been able to get to San Jose, California, or else can't afford the $20-$54 tickets, here's a way to do it. Since tours are closed down for the time being, you are invited to tour by video. (via Boing Boing)

The U.S. may end up with the worst COVID-19 outbreak in the industrialized world. This is how it’s going to play out.

Hang in There, Baby!

How Scientists Figured Out What Viruses Are

The Legendary Puss in Boots and the Marquis of Carabas. (via Strange Company)

Trump Suggests States Need to Bribe Him With Praise to Get Federal Assistance for COVID-19. And it's everyday people who will pay the price.

A Brief History of Word Games.  (Thanks, WTM!)

Steve Irwin's Daughter, Bindi, Got Married At His Empty Zoo Just Hours Before A Coronavirus Lockdown.

Don't Believe Everything You See.

A blast from the past (2017): 20 Funny and Clever Peeps Dioramas.


Anonymous said...

Miss C, thank you for your continuing compilations, most with that lighter touch which we need right now. We appreciate you!

Anonymous said...

Now that the US has more COVID-19 cases than any other country the Atlantic article linked to "This is how It's going to play out" should be required reading for every American.