Tuesday, February 11, 2020

World Record Single Firework Explosion

A new world record for a single firework was set Saturday in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. 
At 7:56 p.m., fireworks expert Tim Borden successfully captured the world record for the largest single firework when the 2,797-pound behemoth illuminated the crowd during the Night Extravaganza at the annual Steamboat Springs Winter Carnival.

The 62-inch shell was launched from a 26-foot long mortar from atop Howelsen Hill, reaching nearly a mile in the air when it detonated, putting on quite the show!
This was Borden's second attempt at the world record, but the shell he constructed a year ago exploded inside the mortar. That's a video we would also like to see. (via Gizmodo)


WilliamRocket said...

2,797 pounds ... 62 inch ... 26 foot ... nearly a mile high.
Measurements that mean nothing to you unless you live in Myanmar, Liberia or the USA.
But I think a pound is about $2.

smittypap said...

Here's a report on the failed attempt. https://www.steamboatpilot.com/news/going-out-with-a-bang-world-record-firework-attempt-fails/ I can't get the video to play, though.