Thursday, February 27, 2020

Miss Cellania's Links

Brett happens to know a couple of aerospace engineers, and asked them about propelling yourself through space with a fart. Both Nate and Dan took the question completely seriously, and had a rather involved group text discussion.  (via Metafilter)

The Worst Book Covers On Amazon.

Murder! Espionage! Cosmic Rays! The History of Carbon-14 Is Way More Thrilling Than You Think. (via Digg)

The Trump Federal Employment Questionnaire. The Latest from Tom the Dancing Bug.

Is It True Women Retain the DNA of Every Man They’ve Ever Slept With in Their Bodies? No, but Today I Found Out ran that story down to its source, and determined the exact assumptions that led to the urban legend.

For decades,  Norman Rockwell’s Saturday Evening Post covers championed a retrograde view of America. This is the story of the politically turbulent 1960s, a singular painting, and Rockwell’s unlikely change of heart. (via Metafilter)

Apple Doesn't Allow Movie Villains to Use iPhones. So if you see someone in a film using an iPhone, that person is okay.

If We Ever Start a Cult, this is Where We’ll be Sourcing the Outfits.

Indiana Jones 5 will be the first movie of the series directed by someone other than Steven Spielberg. (via Uproxx)

A blast from the past (2018): 10 Impressive Yarnbombing Projects.


gwdMaine said...

Great article on Rockwell. Knew exactly where it was
going and what the painting would be without opening
the link. Surprised they didn't include the Murder in
Mississippi painting.

Here's more background on that: Murder in Mississippi

Miss Cellania said...

They told the story of it, and several others. I looked them up as I read. Maybe they couldn't get publishing rights for all the pictures.

Bicycle Bill said...

If I was a villain using a cellphone I wouldn't use any kind of contract phone.  A one-and-done 'burner' prepay phone (think Tracfone or Cricket or Straight Talk) that a person could pick up at any convenience store, Walmart, or Target and activate under a fake identity — hey, I'm an evil villain; of COURSE I would have a fake identity (or two or three) already! — would be good enough and they'd never be able to trace it back to me.


xoxoxoBruce said...

As a prop master for a studio you want to enhance the project as best you can. Good guys don't get fedoras they're for gangsters. leading men don't get checked sport coats they're for used car salesmen. For a sinister character like Dr Evil or an axe murderer give them a phone from an evil enterprise ... Apple.