Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Miss Cellania's Links

Why Cult Classic Galaxy Quest Wasn't a Bigger Hit. The studio pulled the film out from under the stellar cast. (via Metafilter)

First post-Brexit British car rolls off production line. (Thanks, Ken!)

The Insane Life of the Man Who Killed John Wilkes Booth. He was mad as a hatter because he was a hatter when he wasn't a soldier fighting for the Union Army.

The Joy of Cosmic Mediocrity. (via Damn Interesting)

If You’re so Smart, Why Aren’t You Rich? Turns out It’s Just Chance.

10 Places That Are Always on Fire.

This Is How We'd All Die Instantly If The Sun Suddenly Went Supernova. (via Damn Interesting)

Read Curtis Sittenfeld’s Original Short Story “White Women LOL.” (via Metafilter)

What Is the Hottest Place on Earth? (via Digg)

A blast from the past (2007): Some Food Origins.

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gwdMaine said...

Hmmm. . Whoever wrote that why aren't you rich article has obviously never seen It's a Wonderful Life.

Thanks Miss C for a great year of blogging and looking forward to 2020.

Happy New Year.