Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Year-end Lists 2019: Miscellaneous

2019, in 6 minutes

It was an eventful year.

The Good, Bad And WTF Moments That Defined 2019.

All the ways the world made it harder to be a good person in 2019.

Garbage Trends From 2019 That Need To Die.

3 major franchises came to an end in 2019. Only one stuck the landing.

The 50 Best Beers of 2019.

The Competition-Winning Architecture of 2019. And the 5 most impressive prefab homes of 2019.

Dezeen's top 10 furniture designs of 2019.

The Weirdest Medical Cases of 2019.

The Fictional People and Things We Lost in 2019.

The 15 Crazy Objects That Defined an Even Crazier 2019.

The state of white privilege in 2019.

The World’s 10 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in 2019.

2019 was the year of the tube, from the salmon cannon to long Furbies. Forget that the salmon cannon has been around for five years, it went viral again in 2019.

What Did We Get Stuck in Our Rectums Last Year? 

2019’s most important clothes, from Mueller T-shirts to Lil Nas X’s cowboy hat.

Things We'll Probably Cancel In 2020.

The very worst denim trends of 2019 (no, you cannot unsee this).

100 Things We Learned in 2019.

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Top 10, top-10 lists of the decade.