Sunday, November 03, 2019

Corporate Nightmare Song

I've had dozens of jobs. That's not because I'm a bad employee, but because I'm old and spent many years in a career in which you got a raise only by changing employers. And early on, there was that part where I followed a husband or two when he moved for a new position. Anyway, I've had a lot of jobs. Very few of them ever offered any hint of encouragement, possible promotion, or incentive to stay. Looking back, it happened mostly after I gave notice. That's right, never, ever give me any feedback until I leave, then beg me to stay after I've had enough. So I can see how just the smallest crumbs of appreciation might be very effective at building loyalty. If only it happened for everyone. This musical skit with Kristen Stewart is from last night's Saturday Night Live.  

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gail said...

Been there, sister - Know what you mean. I'm 72