Monday, November 25, 2019

Miss Cellania's Links

Isaac, the Bank Cat of Grand Street Who Stopped an Attempted Cat Burglar. (via Strange Company)

A twelve-acres real estate listing in Catalina, Arizona, hides a Titan missile complex beneath your feet. If you are wondering what you might do with such a facility, DeviantART member sickkids has some ideas, which you can enlarge here. (via reddit)

What’s Lost When Black Children Are Socialized Into a White World.

The big difference between this impeachment inquiry and Watergate isn’t the president—it’s Congress.

Why Elite Romans Decorated Their Floors With Garbage. It wasn't just camouflage for a lazy housekeeper.

Here Are Some Of The Best Website Corrections Of All Time, From The Hilarious To The Cringeworthy. 

The True History Behind Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman.

Five Years Later, Missing Cat Found 1300 Miles Away. (via Mental Floss)

You May Be Counting in the Wrong Language. (via Damn Interesting)

A blast from the past (2007): Manly Ways to Prepare Turkey.

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