Friday, November 29, 2019

18th Century Welsh Rabbit

Jon Townsend brings us an 18th-century recipe for toasted cheese, or Welsh rabbit. I'm all in for that! But we watch Jon for more than recipes. He knows all that one can know about the American frontier of the 1700s, and he teaches it to us in such a pleasant manner. If you want to watch how he built that cabin, continue reading for the three-part series.


WilliamRocket said...

Well. I was born and bred in Wales and we always called that a Welsh Rarebit.
But maybe someone took a bunny and murdered it, sliced the fur off and dissected the inner most parts and used it to flavour what is, really, cheese on toast.
But why ? Why would anyone want to kill a wabbit ?
They are, after all, god's chosen ones and are truly multi dimensional.

Patty O'Heater said...

It's not just called rarebit in Wales. The rest of the civilised world does too.