Wednesday, October 16, 2019

True Facts : The Sand Bubbler Crab

Henry, Emma, and David are sand bubbler crabs. They are tiny, and they eat the even tinier creatures that live between grains of sand in the ocean and on the beach. Ze Frank makes it clear how very weird this lifestyle is in his latest edition of True Facts. 

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WilliamRocket said...

Henry, David, Sam !!! What decade from the past is this, those names don't get named anymore !!!
And why did he beep the word fuck out ?
Does he get so sort of perverse joy by making me hear it in my head while he doesn't actually verbalise it ?
A sonic asterisk, I wish people would either write/say the word, or, if they are ashamed of it, don't use it at all.
All in all, grow up, its 2020 in a very short while and we in the rest of the world have been hearing the word fuck on our TVs for a few decades now.