Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Miss Cellania's Links

The Science Behind Hollywood’s Movie Monsters

The Brooklyn Cats Who Swam in Milk. The newspaper account took up two columns, and the complete story of the  feline milk orgy takes two posts, interspersed with the history of the Bedford Corners community.

With China intimidating basketball players and Trump playing golf and getting booed at the World Series, the powers-that-be told Deadspin to "Stick to Sports." A revolt followed, the editor was fired, and Deadspin is full of non-sports posts and posts about the edict. (via Metafilter)

Horror Movies for Dogs. (via Neatorama)

12 Halloween-Like Traditions From Around the World.

The Spirited Afterlife of Detroit’s Little Red Demon.

The 50 Most Important Websites of All Time. Some you've forgotten about, some you may've missed completely, and some are still thriving today. (via Digg)

The United States of Stereotypes. (via Buzzfeed)

Here Are the 10 Most Frightening Stories You Will Ever Hear. Okay, here's ten more.

A blast from the past (2007): Our Favorite Vampires. This one is so old, Twilight is not included.

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