Thursday, October 24, 2019

A Cat's Story

Walter Santi started feeding a stray calico cat in his back yard. She was limping, but he had to find her kittens before he could help her. Turns out she can't bend her back left knee because of an old injury. The family was moved to a foster home, where they live in luxury in their own sun room. Here they are, a couple of weeks later as the kittens are growing.

Then the mama cat was taken away for a while to be spayed. When she came home, the kittens did not know how to react. So they just got weird.

And if you want to see more exuberant kitten play, watch them after they had some more growth. They can jump to the mantelpiece now!

That's pretty much it, just kittens playing- and their mom got into the act in the end. When they are weaned, I hope she gets a well-deserved rest.

1 comment:

WilliamRocket said...

Ok, this lot had me in tears.
I only have 4 cats, of which three are rescues, and these videos make me think there is plenty of room for more.