Tuesday, October 08, 2019

Miss Cellania's Links

Today is Fat Bear Tuesday, the final showdown of Fat Bear Week. Vote for your favorite at Facebook.

The Meeks Family Murder. In 1894, 6-year-old Nellie Meeks went to the neighbors and told them her parents and two little sisters had been murdered.

Have you ever heard of a shoe drying machine?

15 Restaurant "Red Flags" You Should Look For When You Go Out To Eat.

The Intelligence of Plants. (via Strange Company)

5 Surprising Relationships Between Historical Figures.

The Wicker Man and the horrors of denialism.

Why Are Plastic Army Men Still from World War II? (via Digg)

How a Mexican General’s Exile in Staten Island Led to Modern Chewing Gum.

A blast from the past (2013): The Art of Hay Sculpture.

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