Monday, July 15, 2019

Towing a Car

Somehow, a Land Rover gets stuck and has to be pulled out of a pasture by what appears to be the world's first tractor. What is this, opposite day? No, this is Russia. The tractor goes wrong, its winch keeps going, and somehow things get worse. Then we see that the vehicle is not a Land Rover at all, but has a sticker on the front that says "Land Niver." This video might contains NSFW language, I don't know, since it's in Russian. (via Digg)


Bicycle Bill said...

That's actually a LADA 4X4 called a "Lada Niva", a Russian-made ripoff of the Land Rover design. The word 'niva' translates roughly to 'field'.

Look up LADA 4X4 on Wikipedia.  The article will make you believe that the Yugo might not have been all that bad after all.


hat_eater said...

Lada Niva is a completely original failure, it has far less in common with Land Rover than any random 4x4.