Friday, July 26, 2019

Tap Water

The other day my boss told me that if I went to a certain office, they'd give me a free bottle of water. Free? Like at home? Like from the water fountain? And all I have to do is deal with the bottle? I think I'll pass. This comic is from Married to the Sea.

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WilliamRocket said...

Evolution has left me somewhat tending to spit out chlorine, aluminium, fluoride and some other chemicals that get added when they, the powers that be, process water.
I can understand that that process has improved the human health, globally speaking (?) but for me, given the chance to sip from a tap that is fed by galvanised pipes that carry water that has been chemically altered to offset the germs and pathogens carried in it when it was sucked from the river that farm animals waste and the top dressing residues leach and leak into OR twisting the cap off a single use plastic bottle that has been filled with untainted water from where it percolates from the underground aquifer .... well, shucks, call me someone who considers my body a temple, but yeah, pass me that spring water every time.
For me it is also about public toilets, the smell you (most often) smell in a public toilet is chlorine, because that is in the water that splashes into the urinals, turn a tap on in your house, have a sniff, have a drink, you are getting the very same water that is in a public toilet.
Enjoy !