Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Tweet of the Day

A flamingo chick is practicing standing on one leg, as flamingos do. (via Mashable


Bicycle Bill said...

Rough translation of the text, courtesy of Google Translate:

Flamingo baby video

Practice while standing with one foot 🤗 !

Hang in there! Do your best! Do your best!

Shooting: 2019/7/20

⚠️ There are voice and camera shake


Bicycle Bill said...

As to why the baby is snow white — flamingos are born white; they turn pink because the algae they consume are loaded with beta carotene, an organic chemical that contains a reddish-orange pigment(beta carotene is also present in many plants, but especially in tomatoes, spinach, pumpkins, sweet potato and, of course, carrots).  The mollusks and crustaceans flamingos snack on contain similar pigment-packing carotenoids.  If a flamingo were to be fed a diet low in caratenoids, no doubt they would eventually lose much if not all of their coloring.

Which also means if you were able to feed them on something high in, let's say chlorophyll, for instance, it's conceivable you could end up with a green flamingo.


Miss Cellania said...

That's why zoos use flamingo chow with added pink food coloring, so they will look more "natural."