Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Rogue Auger Drill

Okay, you're trying to drill a hole for ice fishing, and you let go of the drill, but it doesn't stop. What do you do? If you just let it run until it's out of gas, it will be at the bottom of the lake first. These guys got lucky, but really, how would you have stopped it? I thought of throwing a rope at it, letting it get tangled. Ice fishermen should have a rope, right? But I've never been in that situation, so maybe you have a better idea. (via Digg)

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Bicycle Bill said...

The fact that the top was rotating while the business end was more-or-less motionless means that the bit was jammed and it was not boring into the ice.  More than likely, they *COULD* have let it run out of gas before it ended up on the bottom of the lake.  But watching them try to stop it is still fun....