Thursday, April 25, 2019

Spend the Night Inside a Potato

The Idaho Potato Commission used a six-ton, 28-foot-long manufactured potato to promote their 75th anniversary. The big potato went on tour for six years, and now has been replaced with a new model. Instead of destroying the original, tiny house developer Kristie Wolfe turned it into an Airbnb rental!     
The Big Idaho Potato Hotel, which will cost $200 a night plus $42 in taxes and fees, is for couples. With 336 square feet, it includes a queen-size bed, two easy chairs, an elk antler chandelier, a small sink, lights, heating and air conditioning, and a beverage cooler. There’s a separate bathroom that looks like a miniature steel silo with a round corrugated steel tub, a walk-in shower and sink and toilet.

The hollow interior of the Big Idaho Potato was used to store supplies and T-shirts, Spuddy Buddy stuffed animals and other promotional items during the cross-country tours. Wolfe added 8 inches of spray foam insulation to hide the frame, hooked the potato up to well water and a septic tank, and is readying it for electricity. She carved out two nooks next to the head of the bed and space for the sink and beverage cooler near the door at one end. She installed a wood floor.
The accommodations will be rented out beginning at the end of May. Read the story of the Big Idaho Potato Hotel at the Idaho Statesman. (via Thrillist)

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