Friday, December 28, 2018

Miss Cellania's Links

The rich traditions of Hogmanay, the Scottish New Year, are still practiced, although they've been given a modern twist. You'll find plenty of links to Hogmanay history, traditions, and recipes at Metafilter.

The Complete History of the Autopsy. People were cut open to determine the cause of death long before we understood how the body really works.

Belt, Buckled: A History of the World's Most Prevalent Safety Device. Read how Volvo gave away patent the rights to the three-point belt for safety's sake. (via Digg)

Video Game Logic. A roundup of comics depicting the weirder parts of virtual life.

Here’s How A Colorado Dentist Became Big Sugar’s Worst Nightmare. She's turned up plenty of research that the industry conducted and then buried.

If you've ever had the hankering to explore the nine circles of hell, you are in luck! Take a trip into the Inferno at Infernal Topography, where you can zoom in and meet all the characters, from the harpies to Lucifer himself. (via Metafilter)

An interview with a Marine Biologist about Aquaman.

The Complete History of the Autopsy.

Genders in The Hobbit. It's far beyond awkwardness. 

A blast from the past (2008): 6 New Year Traditions from Around the World.


gwdMaine said...


Ya know Miss C, Google prides itself on its diversity.
Unless of course you share an opinion they disagree with.
Though one benefit to their AdSense Program policies is that
everyone's privacy can be monitored and violated all in one
place. Just remember that your adherence to their policies
does make their multi-billion company appear less evil.

Happy Friday!

Mikey said...

Ochk Gawd Hogmanay! Soon to be followed by Me ed urtz.