Saturday, September 29, 2018

How Does A Gas Nozzle Know When To Shut Off?

A gas pump will shut off when the tank is full; we've always taken that for granted. It's a fine feature that keeps gas from spilling all over us. But how does it know? The mechanism is a low-tech yet surprisingly complicated system. It's easy to understand as Brain Stuff explains it in this video, but later on when you try to explain it to someone else, you'll end up just showing them this video. (via Geeks Are Sexy)  


WilliamRocket said...

I kneel down and pray to the gods I do not believe in, that one day, one day soon, the U.S.A. will stop using imperial measurements, stop misspelling words such as theatre, centre and, ha, kilometre.
But more than that, what I would like for Christmas, and yes, I know it's only September, is for the people and government of the U.S.A. to stop calling the stuff we pump into the fuel tanks of our cars, GAS.
Gas is a gas, while petroleum distillate, or petrol, is a liquid.
You've heard of compressed natural gas, you've heard of liquid natural gas, both those terms explain what the fuck they are on about, one a gas pumped as a gas into a tank under compression, the other a gas that is transported under compression, causing it to go liquid .... yeah, both as confusing as why you elected Trump (Clinton would have been as bad, albeit different, you really should have gone with Sanders, get a little respect in the world)
Anyhow, back on point, petrol is not a gas.
Stop calling it one.
The video explaining how a petrol nozzle cuts off is stupid as he keeps calling a liquid a gas.
He might as well say tits grow on snakes.
I could not continue watching such an idiot.

Miss Cellania said...

Sorry, it's a different language. Why would an American YouTuber speak British English?

Chris said...

It's not being called a gas. It's short for gasoline. Wow