Monday, January 30, 2017

Miss Cellania's Links

The Worst Bosses in History.

How Steve Bannon Took Charge Of The Trump Administration.

How U.S. Senators have responded the the Muslim Ban.

The Secret History of the First Cat in Space.

7 Strange Mysteries of World War One.

Humans Almost Drove These 6 Animals To Extinction. But We Saved Them Instead.

56 Video Game Movies Currently in Development. Not all of them will make it to the screen.

The Priest Turned Media Mogul Who Stirred Up a Populist Frenzy. Father Charles Coughlin harnessed the power of radio for his pro-fascist views.

Do Big Cats Freak Out Over Laser Pointers Like House Cats? It depends on how big they are.

19 Snapchats That Are Too Wholesome To Be True. They're still amusing, or even downright funny.

Know Your Citrus. You might even want to try a new kind.


Bruce said...

Thank you for the link-"U.S. Senators and Governors stance on the Muslim ban." It's interesting how many are silent. No guts to speak out on such an injustice.

Barbwire said...

Thanks from me, too.